Our project

Presentation of the project

This project corresponds to helping small / medium companies from South America, thanks to an innovative service of consulting and a financial support.


The objective of our mission is to help several business to develop their projects and make them sustainable.

With Babyloans collaboration, remarkable partner on the micro-credits market, we work for several Micro-Finance Institutions (MFI) through Central and South America. We offer our assistance to these MFIs partner, as they permit us to meet and exchange with micro-entrepreneurs thanks to them. They know the best which client could need our support.


In concrete terms :

  1. We bring our support and help to developping entrepreneurs projects in Latin America.
  2. We propose a concrete assistance service to these businesses in order to grow on a long term.
  3. We extend and complete the MFIs actions, by offering a new manner of assisting : a tangible and daily support based on our skills, experiences and different ideas.
  4. We collect donations for the MFI which are Babyloan’s partners.

Babyloan is a social company, and the first financial platform in Europe which has linked crowd-funding and micro-credit. These loans are relatively low credits with short maturity, granted to people who are excluded from the « regular » banking system, because coming from a low background and/or being too poor. Babyloan stands up for a social and unifying micro-finance. Created in February 2008 by Arnaud Poissonnier and Aurélie Duthoit, it is one of the greatest social companies in France, and for sure a very remarkable one.

Babyloan supports our project and our association « loi 1901 » of « general interest », which permits us to issue tax receipts to donators, so everyone can deduce a certain part of the donations of their tax receipts.